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WildandPets is a resource for wild animals and pets including birds, dogs, cats, etc showcasing pets’ food, pet babies, taking care methods, DIY houses and foods, and how-to guide.


We offer professional expertise to readers by providing valuable information on pet topics, and their way of life. Since 2022, our blog is dedicated to covering by utilizing the most recent technology and tactics that have been researched by pet specialists around the globe.

We are looking forward to bringing you more pet discoveries. On behalf of the WildandPets team, we’re grateful for the support you have offered alongside us on our marvelous journey. Thanks again, and we hope to see you again in the future.

How We Discover Our Content and Publish

We all have our favorite sources of information on the latest news, whether it’s from television, newspapers, or the internet. But where do we go to find out about the pets in our backyard? Here are a few suggestions we gave to our research team on how to discover content on birds.

The first place to look is your local library. Many libraries carry a variety of books on pets, including field guides that can help you identify the different species in your area. The research team is connected to social media and forums regarding pets, they follow a bunch of influencers of vlogs, and most importantly they are searching for what the pet lovers want to hear and the problem they face while having a pet.

We collected information from our inboxes, many pet lovers want specific solutions to their problems.

Our team’s writers write content after comprehensive research and exploration. We never take shortcuts. Each article published on our blog must undergo a specialized process of fact-checking before it can be available to the public.

We recognize that different pet owners have different needs and requirements. Unlike many other pet websites, we realize that because many of our team members own dogs, cats, birds, and other pets themselves.

We have an understanding of what pet parents are truly seeking when they visit our site. Our team includes many veterans, such as veterinarians, vet techs, and dog trainers. When it comes to advice, you can trust us.

Howard Darnell | Founder & CEO

Howard Darnell

I have always been an animal lover, and I am especially passionate about helping those who cannot help themselves. This is why I founded WildandPets, a blog dedicated to providing pet owners with reliable and informative content.

As the Founder, I oversee all of the content that is published on our site. In addition to writing articles myself, I also conduct extensive research to ensure that our readers are getting accurate information.

I grew up on a farm in California, I attended the University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

I have always loved traveling and exploring new places. When I was younger, I would take family vacations with my parents and grandparents.

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do because it allows me to see new things, new animals and pets, new cultures, and meet new people.

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