Which Legendary Bird is the Best (12 Myths, Strength, Facts)

There are many different legendary birds in stories and myths from around the world. Some of the most popular include the phoenix, roc, and thunderbird.

Pokémon fans have always been debating which of the three legendary birds they think is the best. The debate usually consists of comparing the three birds, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, and their strengths. But which one of these is the best?

Articuno is a legendary bird of ice and is said to be the most powerful of all the legendary birds. It is said that when Articuno flaps its wings, snow will fall and blizzards will occur. It is also said that this bird can control the weather and create powerful ice storms. Articuno is a very rare bird and is said to be very hard to find.

While all three birds have their unique abilities these factors make Articuno the best legendary bird.

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Some myths about the legendary bird

Some myths about the legendary bird

  1. Bringing Back Life: Legend has it that the legendary bird possesses the incredible ability to revive people.
  2. Dimensional Travel: It is said to soar at astonishing speeds and even traverse between dimensions.
  3. Destructive Power: The legendary bird’s might is rumored to be so immense that a single flap of its wings could potentially destroy the entire world.
  4. Invincibility: According to myths, the bird is immune to all forms of attack and can effortlessly withstand even the most powerful assaults.
  5. Deity Reincarnation: Some stories suggest that the legendary bird is the reincarnation of a powerful deity.
  6. Real-Life Inspiration: While mythical, these legendary birds are based on real-life birds, adding a touch of nature to their legendary qualities.
  7. Elemental Representation: Each of the three legendary birds symbolizes a different element—fire, water, and wind.
  8. Sole Existence: According to myths, these legendary birds are believed to be the only ones of their kind in the entire world.
  9. Elemental Control: It is said that only these legendary birds have the unique power to control the elements.
  10. Celestial Birth: Some myths claim that these birds were born from celestial bodies like the sun, moon, and stars.
  11. World Protectors: In legends, these birds are portrayed as the guardians of the world, maintaining balance in the natural order.
  12. Supreme Beings: Widely considered the most powerful creatures in existence, these legendary birds command respect and awe in the mythical realm.

More About Legendary Birds

Legendary birds have captured our imaginations for centuries, appearing in mythology, folklore, and literature around the world. These mystical creatures often possess extraordinary powers and symbolize a variety of concepts, from creation and destruction to wisdom and immortality. Let’s explore some of the most well-known legendary birds and their captivating tales.

The Phoenix

The phoenix, a mythical bird of fire, is renowned for its ability to regenerate and rise from its ashes. Its name is derived from the Greek word “phoinix,” meaning “red” or “crimson,” reflecting its fiery plumage.

In many cultures, the phoenix symbolizes rebirth, renewal, and the triumph of life over death. It is also associated with the sun.

Its lifespan is said to be 500 years, after which it builds a nest of combustible materials and deliberately sets itself ablaze. From the ashes emerges a new phoenix, representing the eternal spirit and the cyclical nature of existence.

The Thunderbird

The thunderbird, a colossal bird of Native American mythology, is often depicted as a lightning-wielding deity that controls the storms. Its name varies among different tribes, but it is generally known as the Thunderbird or Storm Eagle.

The thunderbird is said to possess immense power, capable of creating thunder and lightning with its wings and causing earthquakes with its landing. It is often depicted as a protector of humankind, ensuring balance in nature and preventing chaos.

The thunderbird is often depicted as a benevolent guardian deity, protecting humanity and maintaining balance in the natural world.

The Roc

The roc, a colossal bird of Arabian mythology, is legendary for its immense size and strength. It is said to be able to carry elephants and even whales in its talons.

The roc first appeared in the Persian epic Shahnameh, where it is described as a bird so large that its shadow can eclipse a city. Its name is believed to be derived from the Persian word “rukh,” meaning “great bird.”

The Garuda

Garuda, a prominent figure in Hindu and Buddhist mythology, is a half-man, half-eagle creature. It is often depicted as the mount of the Hindu god Vishnu, and it is said to be the king of all birds.

Garuda is known for its loyalty, strength, and ability to travel vast distances. It is also considered a symbol of wisdom and spiritual enlightenment.

The Simurgh

Persian mythology introduces the simurgh, a majestic bird with a regal appearance and immense wisdom. It is often depicted as a guardian of knowledge, a protector of forests and sacred places, and a counselor to kings and heroes.

The simurgh is said to possess the ability to heal and transform, and it is often associated with fire and the sun due to its radiant plumage.

The Harpy

Greek mythology features the harpy, a monstrous creature with the head and torso of a woman and the wings and talons of an eagle. Often depicted as cruel and vengeful, harpies are said to snatch away unsuspecting victims, particularly children. Their name is derived from the Greek word “harpyia,” meaning “snatcher.”

The Bennu

Egyptian mythology honors the bennu, a sacred bird closely associated with the sun god Ra and the concept of creation. Its golden feathers are said to shimmer with the brilliance of the sun, and it is believed to have risen from the primordial waters at the beginning of time. The bennu is often depicted as a symbol of divine creation, renewal, and the cyclical nature of existence.

How the bird got its legend

How the bird got its legend

The bird has always been a symbol of hope and freedom. But how did this legend start? The first recorded use of the bird as a symbol was in ancient Greece when the bird was associated with the goddess Nike.

In early Christian art, the bird was often used as a symbol of the Holy Spirit. During the Middle Ages, the bird became a popular motif in European folklore and art. In the 18th century, the bird became a symbol of the American Revolution.

The bird was seen as a symbol of the fight for freedom and independence. The bird has been an important part of North American culture since its introduction in the 19th century.

The legendary birds symbolize

The legendary birds symbolize

Three legendary birds symbolize the three different regions in the Pokémon world.

  1. The first is Articuno, which is said to have brought eternal winter to a land.
  2. The second is Zapdos, which is said to have created thunderstorms that lasted for a week.
  3. The third is Moltres, which is said to have created a volcano that destroyed an entire island.

The alternative names of 3 legendary birds

  • Triforce Birds
  • Three Sacred Birds
  • Three Regal Birds
  • Three Divine Birds
  • Three Mighty Birds
  • Three Glorious Birds
  • Three Heavenly Birds
  • Three Noble Birds

Why are people curious about legendary birds?

People are curious about legendary birds because they are often seen as symbols of power and mystery. These creatures have been the subject of folklore and myth for centuries, and continue to capture the imaginations of people today.

In many cultures, birds are seen as messengers from the gods or other supernatural beings, and they are often revered as such. Their unique ability to fly also makes them seem like creatures from another world, which can add to their allure.

Pros and cons of the legendary birds


  • They are incredibly powerful and can hold their own against almost any opponent.
  • They are very rare and hard to find, making them a valuable addition to any collection.
  • They have a very strong emotional connection with many players, who have grown up with them since the original Pokémon games.


  • Because of their power, they can be difficult to control and may sometimes disobey their trainer.
  • They are also very rare, which means that they can be difficult to find and catch.


Choosing the best legendary bird often depends on personal preferences. Whether it’s the fiery Moltres, the electric Zapdos, or the icy Articuno, each legendary bird brings its unique strengths to the table, and the “best” one is ultimately a matter of individual strategy and liking.


Which is the strongest of the legendary birds?

The strongest of the legendary birds is Zapdos. It is said to be able to control electricity and is capable of creating massive thunderstorms. It is also said to be able to create tornadoes and hurricanes.

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