Why is My Bird Suddenly Aggressive? (Know 10+ Reasons)

A bird’s aggressiveness can be caused by several factors. It includes fear or fear, hormonal changes, small or overcrowded cages, and illness.

It is really important to understand the cause of birds’ aggressive behavior to eliminate this issue. Each factor is simple enough to identify with a little observation and research into the past of your specific bird.

You could occasionally notice that your bird is suddenly being aggressive. Birds are social animals, and they show different behavior in different sequences.

Impulsive aggressive behavior is a sign of a bird’s comfortlessness or something else. So, now you may ask, why is my bird suddenly aggressive?

This article is going to inform you of some key factors that can make your bird aggressive. I’ll also give you some effective guides to stop your bird from aggressive behavior.

Why is my bird suddenly aggressive: Most Possible Reasons

Your bird may be acting aggressively for a variety of reasons, some of which are simple to address, while others may require more work. The following factors contribute to aggressive behavior:

1.      Fear or Scared

Fear or Scared is one of the possible reasons for your bird’s sudden aggressive activities. Birds are usually susceptible to unfamiliar sounds, objects, and even shadows. So, if your bird hears any sound or sees any strange objects or shadows, it may show aggressive behavior due to fear of it.

2.      Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes are another cause of birds’ aggressive behavior. It mainly seems in parrots. However, other birds can also be affected by this issue.

Due to hormonal changes, some birds develop aggressive behavior throughout adolescence. Moreover, this kind of behavior usually ends when the bird moves through this phase.

3.      Illness or injury

Aggression may also be influenced by illness or injury. The bird may experience discomfort, anxiety, or fury as a result of certain disorders. If your bird is ill or in pain, it could be attempting to express that to you.

Aggression is one way the bird might convey these unpleasant sensations. For this issue, your bird may scream when you leave the room.

4.      Environmental Changes

Change in the environment is another cause of your bird’s aggressive activities. The bird may act aggressively if it is relocated to an environment it dislikes or does not feel comfortable with. It generally happens when you bring an old bird to your home.

5.      Lack of socialization

Many birds’ unexpected aggressiveness can be attributed to a lack of socializing in their early years. For instance, when you bring a new bird to your home, you may treat it in a whole new way in terms of its experience.

Some birds might adapt to this quickly, while others might not. Your bird may have never experienced something like this in the past because they were probably not adequately socialized in the aviary.

6.      Boredom

It has been observed that intellectual animals like birds require a lot of mental activity to be healthy and fit in confinement. This may be done through simple games, exercises, or even by teaching the bird new skills. They could get bored and aggressive if their mental capacity is not used.

Why is my bird suddenly biting or starting to attack me?

7.      Change in Routine

Your birds can also have aggressive behavior towards a new routine. It is something like a new food or feeding routine or even a whole new training routine.

This is appropriate, particularly given that the bird views the behavior as being entirely novel to him. New practices frequently trigger aggressiveness when birds are new to a place and have not yet adapted to the new environment.

8.      A small cage

If you use a small cage, it can lead to birds’ aggressive behavior. Birds were not intended to be confined to cages; they are used to being capable of soaring freely through the air. Your bird may grow irritated and aggressive if it cannot expand its wings.

9.      Overcrowd Case

An overcrowded cage causes your birds’ social and behavioral issues. Birds require their area, and caged birds are more so.

They can become hostile and territorial when given insufficient room, marking out and zealously protecting their domain. Birds that are crowded together pick on their cage companions and bite at your fingers.

10.  Jealousy

When a new bird is brought into the house, birds, especially Budgies, might feel jealousy. A jealous bird will use aggressive behavior as a vent for its resentment.

When a new bird or pet is introduced, it’s crucial to give your bird the very same amount of consideration, if not more. The jealousy episode often only lasts a few days.

Stop Aggressive Behavior in Bird

How to Stop Aggressive Behavior in Bird

Now you may ask, how can I stop my bird’s aggressive behavior? While there is a problem, there is a solution to the problem. There are several ways to stop cage aggression in birds. Let’s explore some of the key methods to stop a bird from aggressive behavior.

1. Spend more time with the bird.

Your bird could require some time to reacclimate to your company. The bird will benefit just from you spending some time each day near its cage. So, you should consider taking to the bird with more time. It will feel more pleasant as well as reduce fear as a result of this.

2. Get a bigger cage for your birds.

Getting a larger cage can help you eliminate the bird’s aggressive behavior effectively. Sometimes your bird may do aggressive behavior due to a small or even an overcrowded cage. In this case, if you bring a larger cage, the birds will get more space to move and stop aggressive activities.

3. Place a toy inside the cage.

Bird toys are an effective solution to stop your bird from aggressive activities. The toys will keep the bird occupied and allow for some lightheartedness throughout the day.

A bored bird becomes agitated and aggressive. Bird’s toys will give your bird more companionship and reduce boredom which will help to stop aggressive behavior.

Wrap Up

Sometimes you may discover that your bird is suddenly becoming aggressive. Several things like Hormonal changes, small cages, fear, or illness can make your bird aggressive. Some methods also stop the bird from aggressive behavior.

So, all you have to do is know why your bird is suddenly aggressive. Here we highlighted all the possible reasons why my bird is suddenly aggressive and discussed some methods to solve it.

So, if you have ever experienced this problem, follow our way to get rid of your bird’s aggressive behavior.


Why is my bird suddenly biting or starting to attack me?

There could be several reasons why your bird is biting or attacking you. It might feel scared, stressed, or uncomfortable. It could also be trying to communicate something, like wanting attention or feeling threatened.

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