Is Incense Bad for Birds? (Shocking Truth for Pet Owners)

Incense is destructive or harmful to the birds. It contains toxic substances like coal tar, heavy metals, and organic or non-organic materials.

Birds are very sensitive to these substances as their metabolic rate is higher than ours. Likewise, incense releases those toxic substances and carbon monoxide into the air. Gradually, it can lead birds to have lung damage, stress, illness, and vice versa.

Incense diffuses attractive scents to make the air more soothing. Often people use it at different parties, ceremonies, and rituals.

You may love the pleasant odor, yet it can be unsafe for the nearby birds. It is also destructive to the birdies if you think of unscented incense. The smoke and fumes prevent them from breathing normally.

In this post, you will learn about incense and its bad effect on birds and start thinking about it.

What is an Incense?

Incense is not an everyday used item in households. It looks like a thin black (or sometimes other colors) stick. Otherwise, you may consider it to look like a longer version of a matchstick. You can fire it on its top and blow the fire.

Then, a fume will appear containing a specific odor. Slowly, the scent spreads out of the room. But it has a wide range of usages, especially on occasions.

Again, you can get its aroma in aromatherapy, meditation, and religious programs.

Various cultures and religions (like Egyptian Indians) have used it frequently for centuries. It was a form of worship in temples and churches.

What is an Incense

What are the Uses of Incense

Some of the uses of incense are:

  • Air purification
  • Fumigation
  • Séance cleaning
  • Wishing sick people better condition

This aromatic substance releases fragrant smoke when burned.

The incense can be made from various materials, such as wood, herbs, and spices.

The use of incense may be dated to the time Egyptians utilized it for therapeutic purposes. Later, other civilizations around the world adopted it for rituals and meditation practices.

The use of incense has been recorded in China since the 2nd century BC. Again, it has been found in India since at least 1000 BC.

What are the Health Risks of Incense to Birds?

According to a study by The National Audubon Society, incense ingredients are toxic to feathered friends as they have more sensitivity issues than humans.

Another Royal Society of Chemistry study says chemicals like formaldehyde remain in the incense smoke. Formaldehyde is one of the causes of getting cancer.

Incense has negative effects on animals, including birds.

How to Keep Your Bird Safe from Incense

It can be a source of health risks to birds. Consequently, burning incense at home can the bird’s life cycle. The toxic incense smoke can harm their primary way of breathing.

If you have pet birds, incense can be a reason why they are squeaking loudly. The incense smoke can irritate bird eyes.

Even it can be a cause of accidental death of the birds. Furthermore, some types of incense can contain toxic lead or arsenic. They are highly harmful to animals such as birds.

Birds are also attracted to the scent of incense. They may fly closer to it, making them more susceptible to smoke inhalation.

As a result, respiratory problems may occur. In addition, the heat from burning incense can cause fires.

It can harm the bird populations in an area. So, it’s important to take precautions when burning incense near birds or other animals.

How to Keep Your Bird Safe from Incense

You already have learned how sensitive incense is for the birds. So, it is wise to keep your bird safe from it.

It is not always the simplest task as birds are attracted to the smell of incense.

There is an increased chance of getting burned if they come too close to a burning scent.

You can follow these instructions on how to keep your bird safe from incense:

  • Keep the windows open and place an air diffuser in the room. It will distribute the scent of the incense outside of the room. It will relieve you from worrying if the open flame burns the birdie.
  • Use a candle having a flame-free design or containing scented oils. Usually, these types of candles don’t have any heat to them.
  • Try using wick candles at home. They do not burn or melt into the wax so that birds remain calm and safe.

Final Words

For many years, it has been debated if it is good to use incense near a bird shelter or not. Studies have even proved this fact.

You should reduce or almost quit burning incense near birdies. After all, toxic substances can cause huge harm to little animals.

We hope you get the answer to “Is incense bad for birds?” in this article.


Does burning incense harm your pet parrots?

A recent study found that when parrots were exposed to incense smoke, they experienced a variety of health problems, including respiratory problems, decreased food intake, and weight loss.

The study suggests that pet owners should avoid burning incense around their parrots.

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