Is Wild Harvest Bird Protector Safe? Why Should You Use It

Yes, it is safe for birds in cages. You can hang the protector close to the cage’s perforated window. Slowly, it will prevent the tiny mites away from the cell. Nonetheless, the protector can be harmful if you leave it for the whole day or a long time.

Do you love to see pet birds in cages tweeting and playing together? Even we love to spend our leisure time with them as they are fantastic creatures.

Their health should be sound to maintain their liveliness. But one thing is very worrying. The mites and lice are tiny enemies of these caged birds.

Also, the affected birds suffer a lot if there is no protection from those enemies. Bird protectors for mites and lice can be a great solution to resist any unwanted parasites.

In such a case, the wild harvest bird protector is an essential product. It is an excellent insect or parasite repellent giving the birds complete protection.

This article shares the learnings about the Wild Harvest protector for birds. Also, you may learn about its usage, ingredients, impact on birds’ lives, and many more.

What is the Wild Harvest Bird Protector?

Sometimes, we get confused about bird protectors. We match it with bird repellents. But they are not the same. Bird protector works for, and repellent works against birds.

Mostly, the farmers and gardeners use the second one to cover the crops so that birds cannot damage them. But the protector for birds gives excellent safety against different insects.

Bird protectors are available in liquid or solid forms. You may make solutions to spray them onto the cages.

Again, some units do not require creating any mixtures. Instead, you can hang them close to the cage window or wall. Wild Harvest bird protector is an example of this hanging item.

Wild Harvest serves the market 100% natural food and household items. One of their services covers pet supplies. Their bird protection stuff is excellent for pet animals and birds.

Likewise, our mentioned product is a part of them. It beholds the power to fight against parasites and insects on birds’ bodies.

Ingredients of Wild Harvest Bird Protector

The premium product for winged creatures contains valuable ingredients. The active ingredients of this item are paradichlorobenzene 50%, and Inert 50%.

Para dichlorobenzene is fantastic against killing and resisting mites. However, you can purchase the item as a 0.5-ounce pack. If you want to use the protector, there is no need for water or other items to solute them.

Instead, you can turn the thing on by removing the paper seal from its container. Then, you can hang it near the cage. It will deodorize the whole cell and nearby areas.

Also, it offers around 6-12 months of protection for the birds. You should change or remove the old hanging bird protector if you don’t find any odor in it.

Also, covering the cage at night can increase its efficiency.

hanging bird protector

Is Wild Harvest Bird Protector Safe Then?

Till now, we have talked about the efficacy of this item. Of course, you can use this protector for small or big birds. It is entirely safe to use until you know or follow the below facts.

Sprayable medications are suitable for bird cages till they are not completely dry. If they dry, mites or lice can return soon.

So, it becomes mandatory for the bird curators or owners to promptly apply the sprayable bird protectors.

On the other hand, our mentioned cage protector is entirely different but fulfills the same purpose. It is semi-solid stuff that releases the odor of its ingredients to keep the mites away.

Hanging the protector is easier and time-saving. That’s why bird owners may love to leave it nearby cage for the long term. But it can be a reversal of good fortune. There is no reason if your bird is not mites or lice affected.

Also, Wild Harvest protectors can be dangerous to pets and humans. There is a reason behind it: the paradichlorobenzene (mothballs’ main ingredient). It carries an airborne risk to animals.

When they breathe in their fume for a long duration, the fume exposure can cause versatile diseases. The risks cover respiratory irritation and liver damage. Even experts say this ingredient can increase the chances of some cancers.

That’s why you should not leave the Wild Harvest protector for birds for all days. So, the fact is, the above product is safe for birds if you keep the safety precautions in mind.

How do I protect my birdcage from my cat?

How do I protect my birdcage from my cat?

There are a few things you can do to protect your bird cage from your cat:

  • Place the cage in a high location that is difficult for your cat to reach.
  • Cover the cage with a heavy blanket or sheet when you are not home.
  • Use a cage with a locking door.
  • Make sure the cage is secure so your cat cannot tip it over.


What does a bird protector do?

A bird protector is a device or method used to protect birds from harm. This can include physical barriers, such as netting or fencing, to keep predators out of bird habitats. It can also include deterrents, such as noisemakers or scarecrows, to scare predators away.

Do birds like to be covered?

Some birds do like to be covered, especially at night. This can help them to feel safe and secure. If you are not sure whether your bird likes to be covered, you can experiment by covering their cage at night and see if they seem to relax and sleep more soundly.

Final Verdict

Is the wild harvest bird protector safe or not, we think you have the answer right now.

It is conducive to caring for pet birds (small, big, or whatever) and protecting them from mighty tiny insects. Since it has paradichlorobenzene as an ingredient, you should be careful of using it (or say leave it near cages).

Otherwise, it is entirely safe and beneficial.

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