What to Feed Baby Birds that Fell Out of Nest (5 food ideas)

You should call the local wildlife official first and take care of it temporarily. If possible, keep the bird with you forever by giving it shelter and appropriate food. Usually, crushed mealworms, moist dog foods, raw liver or kidney, hard-boiled eggs, moistened dogs, or cat kibble are suitable for baby birds.

The learning days of the baby birds to flap their wings or fly in the air can sometimes risk their lives. Especially in the summer season, the fledglings try to go out of the nest and fall to the ground. Occasionally, we can find them injured while we pass by them.

Even the storms or predators can attack the nest, and somehow, the birdie falls out of it. When you get such a baby bird, what shall you do? Do you know what to feed baby birds that fell out of the nest?

I will cover everything from finding the fallen bird to feeding and sheltering in this article. I will also explain how to give food to an injured or non-injured bird that fell out of its nest.

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What Should You Do Seeing a Fell Baby Bird?

It’s not strange to find a baby bird on the ground. Maybe your pet cat has brought it inside the house. Firstly, you should take it to a safe place. You can create a cage using a carton box and lay down some paper towels on it.

Then, you should do further feeding and medication if needed. However, it is essential to identify if the bird is a nestling or a fledgling.

1. Identify the Bird


Nestlings have a bare body with least or no feathers. If you see them falling out of the nest, you should help them soon. They cannot fly at all as their age is insufficient to learn to fly. If the baby bird is not injured and possible, keep it back in the nest.

You may also wait for the mother bird to let it carry to its nest. Alternatively, you can keep it with you and start caring for and providing food.


Fledglings are aged than the nestlings. They have a mixture of tender and adult feathers on their body. In this condition, they are prone to fly in the air.

Thus, they fell out of the shelter in their attempt to fly. You can follow the same thing as the nestlings. If you see them healthy and uninjured, it is better to leave them for their parents to take back into the nest.

2. Identify the Volume of Injury

Once you get the baby bird, don’t rush to feed it forcefully. Instead, you should check if it is wounded or possibly ill seeking help. Find out if there is any sign of broken limbs and bleeding. You may also check if it has any lost patches of feathers (for fledglings).

Sometimes you may see the fell bird shivering or creating very low noises. Moreover, there can be a dead body of its parents nearby or in the nest. If the bird needs immediate treatment, you should take help from a wildlife rehabilitator.

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Should You Feed a Bird Fallen Out of Nest?

No, you shouldn’t.

I assume you have waited for the fledgling’s parents to carry it home. But no parent came to take the fell-out birdie.

So, you can think of feeding the bird as we all have a common nature to care for the creatures.

Generally, a baby bird may eat every 10-20 minutes for 12-14 hours each day. You should think of the demanding dietary needs.

The diet may consist of insects or mealworms containing sufficient protein for further growth. This is more than a frantic feeding schedule that we humans, even other animals, do not have.

Some people may suggest not to feed the bird because inappropriate feeding can cause more problems. Also, there is a risk of harming the little body, yet we may have very humane intentions.

For instance, their lungs are very tiny. When you give food to the bird, it will start choking or get hurt inside the mouth or throat.

Bird Fallen Out of Nest

What to Feed the Fell Out Baby Bird

Still, you can feed the bird after consulting any pet care experts or wildlife rehabilitators. It is better to learn about birds’ food habits as much as possible.

Usually, a baby bird can survive without food for a day in extreme conditions. So, you should think about the baby’s parents first, then take further steps.

You should not offer the same food to baby birds suitable for adults. Babies cannot digest adult foods, and their metabolism does not support consuming those foods.

However, you can give the below foods to the baby birds that fell out of the nest:

Most Suitable And Good Foods for Baby Birds

As any bird owner knows, baby birds have dietary needs. In the wild, baby birds are fed by their parents, who know exactly what to give them.

However, when a baby bird is orphaned or otherwise unable to be fed by its parents, it is up to the bird’s owner to ensure it gets the right food.

There are a few different options for feeding a baby bird. One is to give it moist dog food. This food should be high in protein to help the bird grow.

Another option is to provide the bird with raw liver or kidney. These organs are packed with nutrients that are essential for a growing bird.

If you are not comfortable feeding your bird raw organs, you can also give it moistened dog biscuits or kibble. Just be sure that the food you choose is high in protein.

Finally, you can also feed your bird hard-boiled eggs. The egg should be crushed so that the bird can quickly eat it. The eggshells are also packed with essential nutrients for a growing bird.

Ensuring that it is getting enough to eat whatever food you choose for the baby bird is essential. A baby bird needs to eat a lot to grow correctly.

If you are not sure whether your bird is getting enough to eat, you should consult with a veterinarian.

  1. Moist dog food containing high protein
  2. Seasoning-free raw kidney or liver
  3. Moistened dog biscuits with high protein
  4. Moistened dog or cat kibble
  5. Hard-boiled eggs with delicate crushed eggshells

What You Should Not Feed Baby Birds

Assuming you are wondering what to feed a baby bird, you have found:

  • The first thing you should do is find a local wildlife rehabilitator. They will have the supplies and knowledge to best care for the bird.
  • Many of us may think of giving water to a bird that needs out of its nest. It can get water from the foods you give to it.
  • Please do not give it milk, as this can cause diarrhea, and the bird could become dehydrated.
  • You should also not give the bird worms, as these can cause internal parasites.
  • Bread items, kitchen scraps, and whole birdseed are also not good for the bird. These can cause crop issues and blockages.
  • The bird should only be eating food designed for baby birds.

A quick list of food types not to feed baby birds

  1. Water
  2. Milk
  3. Worms
  4. Bread items
  5. Kitchen scraps
  6. Whole bird seed
  7. Adult bird food

How to Feed a Baby Bird

Assuming you have found a baby bird that needs help, here are some tips on how to feed it:

  1. First, using gloves, gently cup the bird in your hand. If it is a nestling (young bird with no feathers), you will need to support its head and body. You can hold it in your palm if it is a fledgling (older bird with some feathers).
  2. Next, a small, soft-bristled brush gently stroked the bird’s beak. It will stimulate it to open its mouth.
  3. Using a small syringe or eyedropper, slowly drip some warm water or diluted chicken broth into the bird’s mouth. Be careful not to overfill the mouth or throat, as this can drown the bird.
  4. Finally, using a small, soft paintbrush, gently stroke the bird’s throat to help it swallow.

Repeat these steps until the bird is full. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact a local wildlife rehabilitation center for assistance.

Feed Baby Bird Fell Out of Nest: Tips to Follow

Typically, the baby will get water from your food (indeed a suitable one). Also, you shouldn’t give the bird random food items which adult birds consume. Give the right food at average room temperature.

Try to soften or cut the dry food into small pieces before giving it to the baby birdie. It will help the tiny bites well.

Also, try to prevent any possible stress or injury while feeding it. I suggest you not force yourself to open its mouth.

A hungry bird will open its mouth wide so that it can consume food well. If it does not extend the mouth typically, you can gently tap on the shelter you have arranged for it.

Avoid using tweezers to open your mouth. Instead, you can use a cotton swab stick without the cotton part.

Give the food slowly; otherwise, it will start choking. Once the stomach is complete, the bird will stop eating.


Before thinking about what to feed baby birds that fell out of the nest, it is good to wait for parent birds. Then, contact the local wildlife rehabilitator. Meanwhile, you can feed it suitable foods I have mentioned in this article. Thanks for reading this post.

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