Will Birds Eat Seed with Weevils: 5 Best Solutions

In reality, a bird eats a seed as food; on the other hand, a weevil eats the seed. It becomes complicated when weevils are in bird seeds and waste food. In a few cases, birds eat seeds with weevils, but it is a big no when we are talking about pet birds.

Weevils in our food are terrible, but we have to face them often. But do birds eat them? You will find every bird owner will ask it.

So, we will discuss birds eating seeds with weevils. Let’s make it clear and present some real facts. When we talk about our pet birds, it is not the right thing to do. It has both hygiene and health issues for your pet bird.

Let’s have a detailed discussion on it then.

Do birds like Weevils?

In general, birds eat insects. But, we have to understand which kind of birds we are talking about.

Weevils are insects that live on trees, and the common birds eat them. It is the best way to get rid of insects is by controlling them or letting birds eat them.

But it’s not good to allow our pet birds to eat them.

In several cases, they are poisonous and can be fatal for our birds as pet birds don’t eat insects very often. So, not based on the issue of whether we like weevils or not, we should not allow them to eat weevils.

Weevils are very hard to get rid of. They waste our stored foods like rice, corn, and other food grains.

So, here eating birds will not be the solution; it will be better to control them.

Similarly, a few people ask, can budgies eat weevils? The answer is simple; Yes, they can.

Why do Weevils stay in Seeds?

Weevils generally go after stored seeds, rice, flour, and other foods. Bird seeds face a common problem; weevils also attack them when they are open and not stored properly.

If you want to protect the seeds from this pest, you need to destroy the weevil nest before it can lay its eggs.

Bird Seeds are a very important portion of their food, and they enjoy eating them, but weevils make it difficult for them. So, in some cases, the birds may avoid seeds with weevils.

Will birds eat weevils? It will fully depend on the birds, but we should not allow that.

But be careful; if there are bird-seed webs, birds will not touch them.

Weevils stay in Seeds

How to get rid of birdseed weevils?

If your birds do not like weevils in seed, then you have to take the necessary steps to remove them. The steps could be like the below:

  1. Do not store open old foods; older foods have more infestation issues
  2. Keep all unopened foods in the freezer
  3. Keep all the cages and accessories clean
  4. Always buy new bird foods after each 5-7 days
  5. Preserve extra bird foods and seeds in an airtight container

There are more issues with weevils as they are a common pest. They also destroy crops and be harmful to your home and garden. We need to keep them away from our plants so that they don’t cause any damage anymore.

Are weevils harmful to birds? Impact of eating Weevils

Weevils are edible, but they are not harmful to birds. From the view of the food value and source of protein, we can say that easily. Pet birds are sophisticated; they might not be able to digest weevils in their food, which may cause indigestion and severe health issues.

However, they can also cause damage to bird eggs and nestlings. Moreover, they may spread disease to birds. The best way to avoid this is to keep food grains and seeds safe and in an airtight container.

get rid of birdseed weevils

Weevil bugs in Birdseed

Weevils are tiny bugs that can get into bird seed and make it their home. They are like beetles and can be a problem if they start infesting the birdseed you have at home.

Here’s what you can do if you find weevil bugs in your bird seed:

  1. Look closely at the bird seed: Check the bird seed for any bugs or signs of infestation. Look for tiny beetles or small white spots, which could be their eggs. If you see any bugs or eggs, throw away the infested bird seed.

Let’s say you bought a bag of birdseed and noticed tiny beetles crawling inside it. That means the bird seed is infested with weevils, and you should not use it.

  1. Keep the unaffected seed separate: If you find an infested bag of bird seed, take out the good seed and put it in a new container with a lid that closes tightly. This will prevent the weevils from spreading to the other seeds.

You find out that only a part of the bird seed bag has weevils, so you transfer the good seeds to a clean plastic container and close it tightly.

  1. Freeze the seed: If you want to save the bird seed, you can kill the weevils by freezing it. Put the bird seed in a sealed plastic bag and keep it in the freezer for at least a week. The cold temperature will get rid of the weevils and their eggs.

You freeze the bird seed in a plastic bag for a week to make sure any weevils or eggs in it are destroyed.

  1. Clean the storage area: Clean the place where you keep the bird seed to make sure there are no weevils or eggs left. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any bugs or larvae that might have escaped. Wipe the surfaces with a wet cloth to make sure everything is clean.

After you’ve dealt with the infested bird seed, you vacuum the area where you store the bird seed and wipe down the shelves with a damp cloth.

How to prevent weevil infestations in birdseed

1. Proper storage and handling of birdseed

  • Store bird seed in a cool, dry place to prevent weevil infestations
  • Keep bird seed in airtight containers to prevent pests from getting in
  • Regularly clean and maintain bird feeders to prevent the buildup of old, unused seed that may attract weevils

2. Use of weevil-resistant birdseed

  • Look for bird seed that has been treated with insecticides to prevent weevil infestations
  • Keep in mind that some bird species may be sensitive to certain insecticides, so be sure to choose a seed that is safe for the birds you are feeding

3. Natural methods for controlling weevils in birdseed

  • Use diatomaceous earth, a natural powder made from fossilized algae, around the base of bird feeders to deter weevils
  • Place bay leaves or whole cloves in the birdseed to repel weevils
  • Try freezing the bird seed for a week before use, as this can kill any weevils that may be present
  • Consider using cedar chips or cedar oil, as the strong smell of these natural substances can deter weevils and other pests


It is the best way to control the spreading of weevils. A detailed discussion has been made on whether birds eat seed with weevils; now, you can take the necessary steps that are perfect for your birds.


Do weevils ruin seeds?

Weevils can damage seeds because they eat them and lay eggs in them. If left unchecked, they can ruin the seed by infesting it with their eggs and making it unfit for use.

How do you get rid of grain weevils?

To get rid of grain weevils, you can follow these steps:

– Remove and discard any infested grain or food.
– Clean the storage area thoroughly, including vacuuming and wiping down surfaces.
– Freeze the unaffected grain or food for at least a week to kill any remaining weevils or eggs.
– Store future grain or food properly in airtight containers to prevent re-infestation.

What is eating all my birdseed?

If you notice that your bird seed is disappearing quickly, it could be due to various animals or pests. Some common culprits include birds, squirrels, mice, rats, and even raccoons.

To identify the specific animal, you can set up a camera or observe the area during the day to see who is consuming the bird seed.

Once you determine the culprit, you can take appropriate measures to address the issue, such as using squirrel-proof feeders or placing bird seeds in containers that are inaccessible to other animals.

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