Why Do Birds Like to Throw Things? 6 Surprising Reasons

Birds can throw things due to boredom or anxiety. When birds feel lonely, they get bored and can throw things. Birds can also do such things due to dissatisfaction or even discover things. However, it can also be for a bird’s natural habit.

You may have noticed that sometimes your bird throws things. It is one of the ordinary activities of birds, especially parrots. However, such behavior of birds creates enormous chaos. So, you may ask, why do birds like to throw things?

In this article, I’ll cover every reason behind this issue. I’ll also highlight some tricks that will help you to stop your bird from throwing things. So, stay with us and explore if you’re interested in this topic.

Why Do Birds Like to Drop Things

Why Do Birds Like to Drop Things: 6 Most Typical Reasons

Birds can throw things for several reasons. The most common reason for this is boredom in your bird. Birds can also do this in searching for Food. Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons behind this.

1. An expression of their boredom

Boredom is one of the common reasons for your bird-throwing things habit. Birds can get bored for different reasons. Boredom is also one of the significant reasons for your bird’s sudden aggression.

Throwing things is an aggressive activity of your bird. Your bird will try to throw things and even damage stuff if you are not paying enough attention to them to help them pass the time.

It would be best if you kept in mind that birds have feelings and are sensitive.

Since birds have a strong link with their masters, less time and engagement with them may cause your bird pals to get extremely bored. From this point of view, they may try to escape their boredom by causing damage to objects.

Bird eating things in surface
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2. In search of foods

It is another reason why birds like to throw things. Yes! Your bird can throw things to search for Food. It is not that they want to throw things about for entertainment; occasionally, they want to test if it’s edible.

When the bird gets something, they take it to the beak to test. When the bird realizes that the object is not suitable to eat, birds will throw it away.

3. To Discourage Dissatisfying Food

Birds like throwing Food as a way to demonstrate their displeasure with it or just for fun. To prevent their birds from becoming hungry while they are gone for the day, many owners want to stock up their bird feed supplies to the brim.

However, this frequent blunder would drive the birds to waste Food for amusement. When there is less Food available, birds waste less of it. However, feeding birds foodstuff that is inappropriate or unsuitable for them has the potential to discard the birds.

4. It is a natural activity

Birds are rather destructive by nature. This is so that birds may construct their nests by tearing branches as well as twigs apart. Birds in the wild demolish trees and bark to build their nests.

Additionally, it has to do with how they acquire and obtain Food. To maintain their beaks properly, birds sometimes chew on various objects.

5. To Make Fun

Sometimes your bird can throw things to make fun of. According to research, different sounds can give your bird entertainment. You may have noticed that your bird enjoys dropping things off the table. Birds, especially parrots, do it to make fun.

6. Trying to discover things.

Our birds occasionally make a little discovery by picking things up and dumping them whenever they are unfamiliar with the surroundings of our home and its contents. It’s possible that you saw your bird knock items off the table as well as throw them. 

This is due to their curiosity as well as a genuine desire to learn more about the object they are damaging. Since birds enjoy hearing items fall and hit the floor, your birds frequently throw or drop things.

Although it may be somewhat frustrating, this is their method of solving problems and amusing themselves.

7. To show dissatisfaction

Do you know that your birds can get discomfort or dissatisfaction? It can be their sexual unhappiness, heightened territorial drive, or plain dissatisfaction with their living conditions.

Your birds may occasionally feel angry, dissatisfied, or unhappy for many reasons. They may express their rage by throwing things, dropping them, or even destroying these things.

Apart from this birds might throw things for other reasons like

  • They use their wings to make objects fly into the sky.
  • It’s how they practice flying.
  • They use it to attract mates.
  • Birds might throw stuff at predators to scare them away.
  • Birds of prey use this behavior as a hunting strategy.
Stop Birds From Throwing Things

How Do Stop Birds From Throwing Things?

So, after knowing the causes, “Why do birds like to throw things” now you may ask how I can stop my bird from throwing things. Now let’s explore how to stop birds from throwing things.

1. Get Bird Toys

Getting a bird toy can help you to stop your bird from throwing things. Bird toys offer more fun and entertainment to your bird. These toys will prevent your bird’s boredom and loneliness as well. Your bird will spend more time with the toys and stop throwing things.

2. Provide them with adequate Food

If you provide excess Food to the bird, it will waste the Food. So, all you have to do is provide them with adequate Food. Sometimes, overfilling the food bowl can also be caused by throwing Food at your birds. So, you have to bring a larger bowl to stop your birds from throwing Food.

3. Ensure proper surroundings

Last but not least, ensuring a proper and comfortable place for your bird can stop it from throwing things. Since birds can throw things down to uncomfortable, comfortable surroundings can keep them calm. As a result, your bird will never ever feel unsatisfied and will stop throwing things.

The FAQs

Why Does My Budgie Throw Things?

To relieve their boredom, budgies like throwing entertaining objects.

They can also push objects away to investigate their properties, express displeasure, and reject food that isn’t up to par. Budgies like hearing and watching things fall and land.

Why do Cockatiels hit objects with their beaks?

For a variety of reasons, cockatiels frequently strike or fling items with their beaks. Sometimes they do it to catch their masters’ attention or just because they’re lonely.

Male cockatiels often do this to indicate their territory. Cockatiels are primarily simply highly inquisitive and lively birds.

Why do birds throw their Food?

Birds will delve into their preferred Food to find it, and while they do so, they will move any other seeds, causing them to fall out from the feeder. If you give them inexpensive Food, they will not like it and toss it away to discover good Food.

How To Stop Birds from Throwing Food?

It is one of the frequently asked questions, How to Stop Birds from Throwing Food? Your birds can throw Food for different reasons.

However, giving them excess Food or overfilling the bowl are the main cases. So, you should provide adequate Food and get a larger bowl as well. Through this method, you can stop your bird from throwing Food.

Wrap UP

Birds have an instinct to throw things as a way of exploring their environment, playing, or expressing themselves. Providing them with safe objects to toss and understanding their behavior can contribute to a joyful and enriching experience for both the birds and their human companions.

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