Will Vaseline keep squirrels off the bird feeder? 8 Alternative

No, Vaseline is not an effective way to keep squirrels off bird feeders. It can be harmful to both squirrels and birds.

Use a baffle, hang your feeder out of reach, or use a squirrel-proof feeder instead. These methods are more effective and won’t harm wildlife.

It’s not healthy or suitable for the bird to keep the cage inside your room to avoid squirrels.

So, I am here to explain how to protect the bird from squirrels. Let’s learn something exciting.

How Does Vaseline Keep Squirrels Off Bird Feeders?

Vaseline is a petroleum jelly that is slippery. The idea behind using Vaseline to keep squirrels off bird feeders is that the squirrels will slide down the pole or feeder when they try to climb up.

This is not always effective. Squirrels are very good climbers. They can often find a way to get to the food.

Vaseline is harmful to squirrels. If a squirrel gets Vaseline on its fur, it can ingest it when it grooms itself. This can cause stomach upset and other health problems.

Vaseline can also get into birds’ feathers and make it difficult for them to fly.

I found an article on FoxNews, where a grandmother used Vaseline on a bird feeder to stop a squirrel. Read it here.

Why do squirrels eat from bird feeders?

Squirrels are attracted to bird feeders because they provide an available source of food.

Birdseed is high in fat and calories and essential nutrients for squirrels. Squirrels enjoy the challenge of getting the food out of the feeder.

Reasons for keeping squirrels away from bird feeders

There are a few reasons why you should keep squirrels away from bird feeders.

  • Squirrels can be quite destructive. They can chew on the feeder itself. This can make the feeder unusable. It can attract other pests, such as rodents.
  • Squirrels can spread disease. They carry parasites and bacteria that are harmful to birds. These diseases from a squirrel can make a bird sick or even die.
  • Squirrels can displace birds. When squirrels take over the birds are less likely to come around the feeder. This can be a problem for birds that rely on bird feeders for food during the winter.
Keep Squirrels Off The Bird Feeder

Alternative to Vaseline for keeping squirrels away from bird feeders

  1. Try using physical deterrent devices that make it difficult for squirrels to access the bird feeder.
  2. There are many commercial squirrel repellent sprays available and you can also make your own.
  3. Reduce the amount of food in the feeder, or only fill it up with different bird seeds every few days.
  4. Squirrels don’t like the taste of certain foods, such as hot peppers or garlic. You can try sprinkling these on the food in the bird feeder to deter squirrels.
  5. Using a baffle device that attaches to the pole of the bird feeder.
  6. Use a squirrel-proof pole made of metal or plastic to prevent squirrels from climbing up.
  7. You can try rubbing some peppermint oil on the pole of the bird feeder or on the ground around it.
  8. Squirrels don’t like black oil sunflower seeds, nyjer seeds. You can try offering these foods in the feeder.

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How to stop squirrels from coming into the backyard?

  • Remove food sources. Squirrels are attracted to food, so the first step is to remove any food sources that they may be attracted to. This includes fallen seeds and nuts, birdseed, and even pet food.
  • Seal trash cans. Squirrels can easily get into open trash cans, so make sure to seal them tightly. You can also try using a trash can with a lid that has a locking mechanism.
  • Trap and relocate. If you have a serious squirrel problem, you may need to trap and relocate the squirrels. There are a number of different traps available, and you can hire a professional to do this for you.
  • Use deterrents. There are a number of natural and commercial squirrel deterrents available. These include ultrasonic devices, motion-activated sprinklers, and scents that squirrels dislike, such as cayenne pepper and peppermint oil.
  • Improve your fencing. If squirrels are getting into your yard through holes in your fencing, repair the holes or install new fencing that is squirrel-proof.
  • Maintain your yard. Keep your yard clean and free of debris that squirrels can use as nesting material. You should also trim back any trees or shrubs that squirrels can use to climb into your yard.


Is it safe to use Vaseline on bird feeder poles?

No, it is not safe to use Vaseline on bird feeder poles.

What gets rid of squirrels permanently?

Trapping and relocating the squirrels is a humane way to remove squirrels from your property. It is important to make sure that you release them in an area where they will not be able to cause any problems. Don’t try to kill it, it is illegal.

What is the most effective squirrel repellent?

The most effective squirrel repellents are Peppermint oil and cayenne pepper.

What smell will keep squirrels away?

Squirrels hate the smell of peppermint oil, so you can try spraying it around your property or spreading it on cotton balls and placing them in areas where squirrels frequent.


Squirrels are not so welcoming animals if you have birdies. They can make a huge mess and consume the foods you leave for the birds. So, taking extraordinary measures can deter them from coming.

In such a case, Vaseline is the best idea. It can keep the predators out of reach of the birds. You may surely try applying it nearby the cage or feeder.

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